Ancient Coin Collecting

Ancient Coin Collecting

The thrill of collecting ancient coins is when you imagine what kings, emperors and other famous ancient people touched and spent these coins. Nothing is more exciting than thinking if Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar or even Cleopatra touched a coin.

  According to fictional portrayals, Cleopatra was depicted as a beautiful, stunning woman. This is a picture of a genuine ancient coin with her portrait.  Notice her name on the right edge.

Ancient coins can be collected by country, by ruler, by designs, even by a grouping of rulers.  The Twelve Caesars, as an example, is a very highly collectible, sought after and hard set to assemble (depending on your requirements).  You can get the more common, less expensive coin representing Julius Caesar which is shows an elephant on the obverse (front).

Or, you can get one with the man himself on the obverse, minted during his life (called a Lifetime issue) for several thousand dollars at minimum.  This Twelve Ceasars set is popular to assemble in both gold (aureus) and silver (denarius) with, of course, silver being more affordable and easier to accomplish.

When purchasing ancient coins, it's strongly recommended that you buy coins from a reputable source.  Avoid internet auctions that are populated with many sellers, unless the coin is authentically certified by NGC or ANACS.  These are two well known authentication agencies in the ancient coin field.  Also, verify the certification of the coin.

But, whatever you do, don't buy from an internet seller without investigating the  coin and seller thoroughly. In scanning auction sites, I have seen many fakes passed off as the genuine.   So, use caution before buying.

Ancient Coin from Lydia from c.600 BC

In the end, ancient coin collecting is a very educational,  popular and rewarding hobby with many collectors involved.  It also presents challenges of collecting.  For example, assembling a Twelve Caesars set to your specifications can be hard. 

Always do research before you buy or know an experienced person in the field.  Ancient coins have been popular with Kings, Queens, the Wealthy, Celebrities, Politicians even scam artists.  If you due diligence before buying, you will enjoy collecting without fear!