What Sets Us Apart (True Collector)

As a collector for over 45 years, it has been my dream to share my passion, knowledge and, if I may say, my addiction with others.  Really!

At Frameabilia, we only sell original, genuine, authentic artifacts.  These are actual vestiges of history brought to life which will adorn your walls in protective, museum grade presentations.  Our framed artifacts are great conversational  pieces among your friends, family, coworkers and associates.

As a long time lover of historical and diverse antiquities, Rick believes in offering these framed items at fair prices so others will enjoy these wonderful works of art where history is the artist!  We have never offered nor never will sell fakes or copies.

Frameabilia doesn't sell overpriced inventory nor employ "all glitz, no substance" framing that does nothing to preserve nor protect the items.  Either of the foregoing will create problems for the unsuspecting purchaser later on. Over the years, we have seen galleries sell historical artifacts that were grossly overpriced, very poorly framed or both.

In one case, a couple years ago, we were asked to value a rare large 1862 map of Washington, D.C.  This map, if original is rare, valuable and in high demand. We performed the examination in the presence of the customer.  Unfortunately, the map was poorly mounted to the backing using heat and glue.  The map was also severely washed (bad) and the edges were trimmed (bad).  The matting and the glazing (glass) were also non archival quality.

Given the framing condition, it was hard to properly authenticate and value the map.  Needless to say, the purchaser was very bothered by what she and her husband viewed and bought.  

Rick Badwey established Frameabilia to bring these unique artful presentations of historical artifacts beautifully and protectively displayed in museum grade frames without overpricing our inventory.

For complete confidence in our products, Rick offers a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on every purchase and a 30 day return privilege for any other reason.  Just return the presentation in the same condition as received.  He is that confident you will be pleased with the framed presentations.

We are honored to have your business.  We want to keep your trust. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Rick via phone  (703) 299-0100 or email rick@frameabilia.com.