Why We Are In This Business

Imagine owning a document touched and signed by Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Albert Einstein, or any other important person. Or, an ancient coin that was handled by Roman citizens and other ancient people who lived during the time of Julius Caesar,  Jesus Christ or Alexander the Great.   Perhaps, a beautiful antique map showing what the New World was thought to have looked like when early settlers came to America hundreds of years ago.  Maps of this age are incredibly ornate and decorative.  You immediately see the allure of these unique and attractive artifacts and how they have survived through the years.

Frameabilia NEVER sells reproductions, fakes, gimmicks or other valueless items. Nothing offered here is mass produced nor manufactured/sold by a fulfillment operation.  The original creations we offer have real historical and tangible value.   Over the years of collecting and dealing with historical items, Rick has established proper and credible sources for historical documents, antique maps, ancient coins, early currency and other popular antiquities and collectibles.

Our contacts include long time collectors, specialists, family estates and other sources we have built relationships over the years.  All artifacts are researched for provenance and authenticity before offering it to our clients.  We have never offered nor ever will offer anything that is questionable in nature, from unknown origins, or spurious in any way.

With Frameabilia, rest assured you will get what you expect and at a fair price.  If you have any questions, comments or need that special item, please contact  Rick at  (703)299-0100  or  rick@frameabilia.com.

Meet Rick

Our Framing

Our many years of conservation framing knowledge and experience is used in everything we frame to protect the item(s) from any harm or deterioration.  Not only does this protect their value, but also preserves their beauty.

Over the years, we have seen many historical and personal items damaged from improper framing methods.  Museum grade framing is extremely important for the preservation, safety and conservation of your cherished art and artifacts.  Never compromise on the quality of the glazing, matting, mounting or the backing of the framing.  All of these components are important for the protection of your framed items.

When framing, we only use methods and materials that are reversibleReversibility means the art or artifact can be easily removed from the frame without harm.  Also, the framing materials or techniques will not adversely affect the artwork.  This is vital for protecting and maintaining the framed item's value and condition. You would be surprised how artwork is often damaged by a gallery owner's or framer's carelessness.

Frameabilia only uses museum grade framing materials and workmanship on our art and artifacts.  From 99% UV filtered glazing to the highest grade mattings and backings, we employ all the necessary ingredients.

All of our framing is done in Virginia under the care and direction of Rick Badwey.


Solid Wood Frame


Artwork or Document


99% UV Filtering Glass or Acrylic


Archival/Rag Matting


Museum Rag Backing


100% Archival Final Backing