Our Framing

Our Framing

Our years of conservation framing knowledge and experience is used in everything we frame to protect the item(s) from any harm/deterioration.  Not only does this protect the value, but also preserves the beauty.

We have seen many historical and personal items damaged from improper framing methods.  Many framers use minimal quality materials and techniques to frame rare and valuable artifacts as they do a valueless poster or print.  Usually, its hard to detect such quality immediately.

Museum grade framing is extremely important for the preservation, safety and protection of your cherished art.  Never compromise on the quality of the glazing, matting, mounting or even the backing. Inferior substitutions will take its toll on your artwork.

When framing, we only use framing methods and materials that are completely reversible.
Reversibility means the art or artifact can be removed from the frame without any harm. This is vital for protecting and maintaining the artifact's value and condition. You would be surprised how many artifacts are damaged by a gallery or framer ignorant of these important framing skills.

Frameabilia only uses museum level framing materials and workmanship on our artifacts.  From 99% UV filtered glazing to highest grade mattings and backings, we employ all the necessary ingredients.

All of our framing is done in Virginia under the care and direction of Rick Badwey.