Ancient Coins mentioned in the Bible when Jesus Christ walked the Earth

Ancient Coins mentioned in the Bible when Jesus Christ walked the Earth

Specializing in ancient coins have proven surreal and educational over the past few decades for me.  One of those surreal moments was owning ancient coins which were circulated in the areas and times of Jesus Christ's ministry on earth. Several of these coins are even referred to in popular Biblical verses.

Although ancient coins can be obtained during the times of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and even earlier, Biblical coins are among the most popular and actively collected by ancient coin collectors, religious scholars, and even the general public active in their faith.  Those relating to Christ are even more sought after.

To hold a coin that could have been held and used by people who met, saw or even discipled with Jesus Christ is absolutely mind boggling. We can't say for sure if Jesus touched a specific coin, obviously.  But, we can almost assume that there is a strong likelihood that any of these coins could have been in the hands of those during Christ's time and travels.

The four popular coins mentioned in the Bible are the Shekel of Tyre or "Thirty Pieces of Silver", The "Tribute Penny", the bronze coins of Pontius Pilate and the "Widow's Mite".  Each of these coins had an important role during the ministry of Jesus Christ and, thus, mentioned or used in the Bible.

The "Thirty Pieces of Silver" involved thirty silver shekels given to Judas Iscariot to betray Christ.  He later discarded the coins from remorse and took his own life.  The "Tribute Penny" , also known as the denarius of Caesar, was the coin Jesus held as He said his "Render unto Caesar" speech, which was Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's from Matthew 22:21.

The bronze coins of Pontius Pilate are popular as Pilate was the Roman procurator of Judea during Jesus' ministry.  It was Pilate that oversaw the arrest and trial of Christ. Though he believed he was innocent, he gave in to the demands of these people and delivered Christ to be crucified.

The Widow's Mite was significant as it showed how a poor widow gave selflessly all she had to the Treasury.  Her giving caught the eye of Christ as He told those around that though she gave little, what she had, she gave it all. This particular coin, many Biblical scholars believed, was the prutah struck by King Alexander Jannaeus.

These coins truly had a huge involvement in the Lord's work as mentioned in the Bible.  Every time I view these coins, an incredible amount of surreal feeling goes through me when imagining who touched these coins and where they have been. .