Beware of Fakes, Forgeries and Counterfeits

Beware of Fakes, Forgeries and Counterfeits

As a seller on ebay, it amazes me that people will shell out thousands of dollars without checking to see if the autograph is genuine.

Just today, I received a notice that an item signed by Abraham Lincoln sold for over $2000 through ebay's email notifications.  And, it was clearly a fake!  And, although I am very skeptical about a couple of the authentication businesses, this had no authentication letters with it nor any provenance tied to it.

This forgery was clearly done by a relatively unskilled person looking to make a quick buck...and he succeeded!

When I looked at his completed sales, once would notice that he has been successful in selling forgeries of famous and popular presidents and other historical figures.

As a matter of fact, he would sell the SAME forgery to a different person a different time.  Unbelievable! 

There use to be a time when a crook had to work hard to steal money.  Now, online auctions, a piece of old paper and an ink pen or other instrument is used to cheat the novice buyer.  For about 10 minutes of time, the thief can walk away with a nice payday!

Before you feel sorry for the buyer, know that he or she is looking for the impossible.  The buyer wants to pick up a popular autograph for a fraction of the real value.  As the old adage goes " There is no such thing as a free lunch!"   

The bait is the forgery and the prize is the unsuspecting buyer with a fistful of money to throw away.

Before you buy a historical autograph, do a little research.  A little time can save you a bundle in the end.


Photo by Frederick Warren on Unsplash