George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Signed Document

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Signed Document

One of the most desirable autograph combinations to collect in the presidential and historical manuscript world is one that has both signatures on the same document.

This particular document would display the signature of George Washington as President and the signature of Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State.  Jefferson served as Secretary of State from 1790 to the end of 1793.  

Finding a document with both combination signatures is not particularly rare, but they are certainly desirable and highly collectible.  After all having a document with two of the most famous founding fathers on it is a total thrill.

The frame, shown here, is a rare three language ship's papers with both signatures on it.  Not once, but twice!  This is because this document has four columns of text, two on each side. One side includes the Dutch and English language, with English and French on the other side.  And, both Washington and Jefferson side each side attesting to the purpose for the voyage.

This document was carefully framed with mylar encapsulating it to protect it when mounting and framing it.  Mylar is a much better and more protective way of mounting a rare and valuable document than any other means.

We hinged the document on a larger substantial frame with portraits, beneath the document is a descriptive plaque describing the document.

Having such an exceptionally desirable document on your wall makes an amazing conversation piece for the history buff.