The Truth about Your College Store Diploma Frame

The Truth about Your College Store Diploma Frame

Although not a historical document, your diploma is still a valuable document that was expensive to obtain.  And, very time consuming with hard work and long hours.

And being that you would probably display your diploma for your clients/patients or colleagues to see, you want to ensure the frame is in protective framing while preserving it for many years. There is no point buying a diploma frame if it is made with low quality damaging materials.

But, that is exactly what one is getting when purchasing a typical college store diploma frame.  The college store market is basically owned and/or controlled by HUGE corporations who only care about the bottom line for themselves, the colleges/universities and the frame retailers..

Considerable fading from no proper UV filtering properties

Notice the above textile shows great color at top and edges, but a faded center image?  The exposed portion was the result of light hitting it daily with no 99% UV filtering glazing.  This is typical of the damaging effects of light over time without the proper protection.

Many of your diploma frames contain regular (non conservation grade) glass, wood pulp sub par quality mats and commercial grade backing.  Over time, these mats will stain your diploma where the mat covers. This staining is called a mat burn. Plus, the exposed area is being hit by light daily.

My business, Museum Framing, was started in 1989 when I set out to frame my personal collection and inventory of historical artifacts for resale.  When I couldn't find a suitable framing business, I started my own archival framing business. Dealers, collectors and museums eventually became long time clients..

Then, when I opened my doors to the public, people eventually brought me their artifacts, including their diplomas that either needed new framing or showed evidence of problems from their current frames.  Learning of these flaws, it dawned on me that a diploma frame was needed that protected the diploma..

To protect one's artwork and diplomas, the frame needs to have 99% UV glass (avoid the lower quality "UV filtered" glass or acrylic).  Remember, light will be hitting your diploma every day.  Lower quality glazing will only accelerate the possibility of fading and print depth erosion.Foamcore, a commonly used framing product, deteriorates and dries over time

The frame must also have 100% Cotton Rag matting AND 100% Cotton Rag backing.  For final protective backing, use archival grade coroplast.  Avoid any foamcore/foamboard material as this material out gasses and degrades over time.

You have invested a lot of money getting that diploma.  Please take the necessary care to ensure its condition is maintained and preserved.

We are developing a ecommerce website where one can learn about our frames and order them.  By the way, most of our frames are harvested, milled and finished in the United States. (Rare with most diploma or other similar frames).

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Thank you, Rick